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Be the BOSS you once were!


This one simple change can put you back in charge.

Young Dad

Could the answer be as simple as fuel?

You are used to crushing it at work, hitting the goals in your business that you’d set yourself. When everything at work was flowing your home life was in sync. You were admired in your industry as the go to person, the highflyer, the young achiever. You knew your friends looked up to you as someone who had it all figured out. The successful business, the perfect relationship, the dream!


 But recently it all seems so much harder. Why?


You’re exhausted, having kids has made everything more of a juggle and the guilt has started to creep in. Are you doing enough at work to provide, are you doing enough at home to be the dad you want to be?


The people around you are noticing that you aren’t at the top of your game anymore and this pushes you to try more but as you continue to struggle you fear that your family, your friends, your employees are aware that you aren’t the BOSS you once were.


Are you burnt-out?


Are you unable to sleep as well as you use to, do you wake up still feeling exhausted? Do you find yourself quicker to anger than ever before, do little things seem like massive obstacles? Are you unable to focus on work like you once did, do you seem distracted at home? These are all signs that your body is telling you something. It’s telling you that its struggling and needs more support. 


What if there was a way to improve how you felt that you hadn’t tried yet?


Could the answer be as simple as fuel?



What if you thought of yourself like a high-performance car?


If you drive a high-performance vehicle:


  1. You aren’t going to compromise on the fuel for that vehicle. You know it runs best when it has the best quality fuel. High quality fuel not only allows the car to run at its peak it also protects the engine for the future.

  2. You wouldn’t miss filling up your car with fuel or give it diesel if it’s a petrol car, it would break down! It’s not much help sitting on the side of the road.

  3. You aren’t missing that scheduled service! You know a regular service, tyre change, wheel balance are all critical to keeping your car in top shape but also keeping your family safe when on the road.


Instead of trying to push the car (YOU) to perform with no petrol in it what if we started fuelling that car appropriately, checking the oil level regularly and kept the scheduled services.



When we treat ourselves like a high-performance vehicle, we start to prioritise our fuel. When we don’t skip filling up our tanks with high quality fuel. We notice that we start to run better, have improved performance, less breakdowns. This is all possible with the right support and guidance.




Just like a car - to not burn out, we need to: give it the right fuel, and right amount for the workload it is under. We need to service it regularly, more often if used more.

For you - your body is under a HUGE load of stress, akin to that of high-performance car.

But are you fuelling it appropriately? Are you servicing it regularly?


What does that even look like to treat yourself like that high-performance car.


Well, here's what it doesn't look like:


  1. Trying to reduce your intake so that you can drop those extra 5kg.


Why? Because we are running that fuel tank on low, the fuel light is constantly on. The car isn’t performing as it should as it tries to conserve fuel. When we treat our body like this we are under fuelling and our body will conserve and make it incredibly difficult to lose weight. When we can fill that tank up and have the energy we require our body is able to function as it should. It can do all those tasks we once were able to do, and this allows our body to regulate and determine that healthy weight we once had.


  1. Cutting out huge food groups and living off shakes or frozen meals.


Why? We are trying to get that car to thrive with poor quality fuel. The fuel is missing key components and does not have the right proportion of the different chemicals to allow us to thrive.  Our body needs key nutrients across the day to support our function and if we are missing these key nutrients or not getting enough our body is going to suffer.



  1. Drinking more coffee or energy drinks to keep you focused during the day. Only problem is you know you are needing more and more to get the same effect.


Again, we are not fuelling that car correctly, we are expecting the car to run on empty with someone just giving it a push down the hill. Once you hit the bottom of the hill, you’ll need another push (another coffee). If we stopped relying on that push and fill up the car it’s going to run for a hell of a lot longer than just that push!



If this resonated with you and you’d like to find out more about what you can do to optimise your energy and performance, Email me at to book in for a complimentary 15min discovery call.

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