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NDIS self and plan managed clients

Relaxed, non-judgmental dietary assessment followed by developing a collaborative plan to meet achievable short and long term goals.

Price: per NDIS price guide


Telehealth appointments are available for those with busy schedules. 

Price guide as above

Private and medicare clients

One on one appointments are critical in assessing goals, tracking progress and engaging with your Dietitian for support. 

Price: $150

Family Nutrition Consultation

If you're struggling with evening meals or lunch box ideas a family consult can help. We'll discuss the needs of the family and how to make meal times enjoyable and sustainable for all.

Price: $160 

Online courses

Type 2 Diabetes Package

If you are newly diagnosed or just feel off track with your diabetes knowledge speak to me today about booking in for a diabetes course. Run every fortnight over 2 months. 

If you are looking for a more in-depth guided approach to your lifestyle, reach out to find out more about an 8 week online program.


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